Pumpkin flowers

In Italy there is no door to door household waste collection. You bring everything to nearby containers. We rent an appartment with a nice garden. So after a few weeks I decided to collect the organic waste (limited to raw fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells and garden waste). Although we have cats I didn’t want to take the risk to attract rats or similar creatures. After 1 year now the ground is rich and I have a lot of  pumpkin/courgette plants (not yet sure what it will be ;-)) . There are plenty of flowers now. The male ones (without attached start of swelling) are ideal for cooking and in the morning they are wide open and easy to inspect inside. 3-4 flower tempura pp are delicious as starter.

For the dough mix 2 large table spoons of light flour. Mix the flour with pepper, salt and dried basil. Add sparkling water until the mixture is fluid, but still thick and sticky. Put the flowers one by one in the mixture. Do it gently to keep them in shape. Bake the flowers in a thin layer of sizzling olive oil. Serve with a lemon wedge. A wonderful starter, not for every day, but thanks to my great own compost!

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