Awesome combination of fennel, pear and chicken

Use a mandoline to slice 2 fennels. Keep the green part of the fennel. Clean 1 lemon thoroughly or use a biological one of our first harvest ;-). Keep the zeste. Mix  the juice with 2 table spoons of good olive oil and salt. Mix with the sliced fennel and marinate for at least 1h. Make a gremolata with the zeste, the chopped green part of the fennel, 1 finely chopped garlic clove, and 2/3 table spoons of good olive oil. Bake the chicken, seasoned with a mixture of chicken herbs, cripsy in some olive oil . Pull the chicken apart. Mix fennel and chicken. Put some fresh pear in slices on the salad. Finish with the gremolata, a few unsalted capres, pepper and salt. Thanks!

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