Stormy weather

Wind and rain = perfect weather for a chicken stew. We spend a lazy Sunday in a house full of boxes with two anxious cats, a senior sleepy dog in our cozy kitchen. The extra hour of sleep is a nice gift ;-). Prepare the stew in the morning and finish before dinner. Chop and … More Stormy weather

Cobb salad

Wikipedia says : Type Salad Place of origin United States Created by Paul J. Posti for Robert Cobb Main ingredients Salad greens (iceberg lettuce, watercress, endive, Romaine lettuce), tomatoes, bacon, chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, chives, Roquefort cheese, red-wine vinaigrette Certain salad combinations are eternal and ‘invented’ by someone. There can be some doubt, but … More Cobb salad

Asian salmon salad

I admit, I love Jamie Oliver. His cooking style inspires me since the early beginning and I’m still a big fan. This salad is really delicious, although I add more vegetables. For 2p, start with the cucumber. Cut the cucumber in 2 halves. Remove the seeds (and the skin if you prefer). Slice thinly. Mix … More Asian salmon salad

Tarocco is the most popular table orange in Italy and is a ‘half- blood’ orange

Wikipedia explains us everything about blood oranges;-). ‘The ‘Tarocco’ is one of the world’s most popular oranges because of its sweetness and juiciness. It has the highest vitamin C content of any orange variety grown in the world, mainly on account of the fertile soil surrounding Mount Etna, and it is easy to peel. The ‘Tarocco’ orange is … More Tarocco is the most popular table orange in Italy and is a ‘half- blood’ orange