Exploded kitchen

Sometimes I’m so busy organizing a huge dinner for the following day that I would almost forget that we also need a meal for the same day.

For 2p cook 150 grams of whole grain pasta. Drain and keep some of the cooking water. Put the same pan back on the fire. Wait until all the liquid is gone. Fry 4 chopped garlic cloves, 2 finely chopped shallots, 1 chopped spicy little pepper and the chopped stems of a bunch of fresh parsley. Add 50 grams of grated parmigiano and cook until the cheese has melted. Add the pasta and the chopped parsley (the whole bunch weighs probably 250 grams in total). Serve the pasta with grated cheese and grinded baked cubes of old bread and thyme, and of course, a drizzle of tasty extra vergine olive oil.

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