Iris’ top lasagna (Iris= sous chef;-))

Though I am the one with the cooking (sous-chef) diploma in the house, having such a dedicated and passionate cook around has meant no cooking for me in the last year! Now Veerle was busy entertaining and driving around all our visitors, I finally saw my chance! J

Chop a large red onion, a spicy chili pepper and 3 garlic cloves and fry lightly till golden brown. Add a chopped large bell pepper and 300 grams of mushrooms. Add a tablespoon of dried oregano and basil and a teaspoon of dried thyme. When all dente, add 2 cans of cherry tomatoes and 300 of seafruit mixture (frozen or fresh). Allow to simmer for a few minutes only. Add a handful of chopped fresh parsley, pepper, salt and a pinch of sugar.

Boil 500 ml of low fat milk in another pan. Tie the milk with some Maizena Roux  (or use the classical flour and butter). Add a chicken stock cube, some freshly grated nutmeg and 200 g of grated cheese (I used a mixture of Parmezan and Emmenthal, but you can use Gruyère or any other kind of tasty cheese).

Butter an oven dish and start with a layer of fresh lasagna pasta leaves. Add  a layer of the vegetable-seafruit sauce, and a very thin layer of the cheesy sauce. Cover with another layer of lasagna sheets and continue the layering till all  sauce is used up. The top layer should be cheesy sauce on top of which you sprinkle another 50 grams of grated cheese. Put in the oven for 45 mins at 200° untill the cheesy crust is nicely golden brown.

This portion is more than enough for 3p.

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