Foodies and non-foodies

What is nicer than spoiling your guests with their favorite dishes? Leen is arriving today, after  having spent a week in the company of (sorry if I would offend certain people) what you could call non-foodies. A non-foodie is someone who doesn’t like to cook (that’s not the saddest part) but who even doesn’t eat nice food if it’s prepared by somebody else (that’s sad though) J

-Carpaccio of raw swordfish, spada : the easiest way to cut the fish in thin slices is 2017-08-15_15.40.49[1]when it is slightly frozen. Marinate 300 grams of fish in the juice of 1 lemon and 3 table spoons of olive oil. Store in the fridge. Before serving, spread the fish on a plate, add a drizzle of olive oil, zeste of 1 lemon, chopped chives, pepper and salt.


-Fennel risotto with mixed gorgonzola-mascarpone

For 3p fry 1 chopped white onion, 6 chopped garlic cloves, 1 spicy little pepper in a drizzle of olive oil and 1 table spoon of real butter. Add 180 grams of good quality risotto rice. When  the rice becomes glazy add 2 chopped medium sized fennels and 1 table spoon of dried basil. After a few minutes add 1 glass of white wine. When the wine is almost gone start adding the broth in portions (the best broth is home made, but there are other solutions, of  course). The cooking time from this moment onwards will be 15-20 mins. Stir regularly. The rice and fennel have to be al dente. Remove the pan from the fire and add 100 grams of gorgonzola/mascarpone. The risotto will become really creamy and there is no need for extra butter. Serve with fresh chopped parsley, or basil, or both. Cheese lovers can add some extra grated parmigiano. A green salad is of course optional.

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