A week of holiday in Sardegna, let’s explore the typical cuisine of the island

The cuisine in Sardegna is originally a cuisine with cheese and meat, and not at all fish as ingredient. However, with a beautiful sea view fresh fish or a dish with the local bottarga, from tuna or mullet sounds great. Sardegna has a typical pasta, malloreddus (a rather small shape, looking like a larva) and is also the producer of fregola, a large couscous.

Let’s start with the pasta and bottarga.

Boil 160 grams of the pasta. Fry 4 chopped garlic cloves and 1 onion. Add 500 grams of beautiful vongole. Add the pasta. Add pepper, 40 grams of grated bottarga, zeste of a lemon and some salt by the taste. Serve with a tomato salad. Pure and delicious!

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