Caponata, Sicilian capunata

This dish needs to be prepared in advance!

For 2p chop a big eggplant, add salt and leave in a colander. Rinse and dry after min 30 mins. Bake them in olive oil on high temperature, portion by portion. When the eggplant starts to get ready, add 1 chopped big red onion, 3 garlic cloves and chopped stems of fresh parsley. Allow to simmer. Add 4 peeled and chopped mature tomatoes, 1 table spoon of chopped olives (we prefer black, but the original recipes say green), and 1 table spoon of unsalted capres. Allow to simmer. Add 4 table spoons of red wine vinegar of good quality. Evaporate for a few mins. Now add the sweet element (sugar, or artificial sugar) until you get the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Stir now and again. When you get the richt balance, stop the fire and put aside.

Before serving add 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley and some baked almondflakes.

This caponata is a perfect appetizer or a perfect side dish with …

Prepare a marinade with the juice of ½ lemon, 3 table soons of olive oil, 150 ml of dry white wine, 4 table spoons of chopped parsley, 2 chopped garlic cloves, ½ teaspoon of cumin, ½ teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon of pepper. Cut a small chicken of good quality into different parts. Cover them in the marinade and leave for 24 h. Remove the chicken from the marinade. Bake in a really hot oven, at 200-220°. Count 40-60 mins. Turn half way the baking time. You can use the marinade as a sauce too, by boiling until reduced to half the amount (add pepper and salt).

The combination of the flavor of the caponata and this chicken will be awesome.

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