Fruity salad and crispy appetizer for the start of the weekend

Blood oranges are available during the real winter months, from December until March. Their beautiful colour and flavour makes it perfect as an ingredient for a salad. But first we will have a little appetizer, because it’s Friday. Mozzarella croquettes (recipe  entirely stolen out of my favourite Belgian cooking magazine ‘Libelle lekker, Dec 2015) Cut … More Fruity salad and crispy appetizer for the start of the weekend

Winter delight

Green cabbage is a lovely ingredient. It is full of vitamins and low in kcal. In general cabbages here have a rather small size (800 grams). You can easily store them for more than a week in your fridge. My recent discovery ‘crescenza’ (cheese) with its delicate taste will take care of the protein part. … More Winter delight

Go East!

It has been a while since we cooked some Asian food. In Siena so far, the offer of eastern ingredients has been limited. The stockpile moved from Belgium and the local supermarket will have to be sufficient. Marinate sliced chickenfilet (300 grams for 2) with 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce, ½ teaspoon of light sesame … More Go East!

Minestra-Minestrone and another leftover recipe

Who does not know minestrone? It is always intresting to search for the origin of words. ‘Minestra’ means soup in Italian and ‘Minestrone’ is literally a ‘big soup’ because of the quantity of ingredients. There is no real recipe, but in general you use seasonal vegetables or even real leftovers. So it is an ideal … More Minestra-Minestrone and another leftover recipe

How to spank a pomegranate

We are invited by a foodie friend tonight (thanks for great dinner Elodie!), so no real recipe today. Instead watch a little video of how to easily remove seeds from a pomegranate (see also 29th January recipe A perfect day to make a tour through the Crete Senese) How to spank a pomegranate (click here)