Indonesian bumbu

A bumbu is an Indonesian mixture of spices made in a mortar. On our tour through Indonesia, a few years ago, we joined a cooking class and made bumbu in a mortar.

The youngsters in the house will hopefully appreciate a nasi goreng with chicken. Instead of making a home made bumbu a ready made one is an easy alternative.

Chop 800 grams of chicken breast in small cubes. Mix with one portion of bumbu, 4 chopped garlic cloves and 1 chopped red onion. Store in the fridge.

Chop 1 kilo of carrots and 3 leeks. Chop and fry 500 grams of mushrooms. Boil 2 cups of basmati rice for 7p.

Heat a large wok pan. Spread a drizzle of wok oil. Bake the chicken mixture first. Add the chopped vegetables. Bake and stir. Add the rice and the mushrooms. Bake and stir until everything is ready and hot.

Serve the nasi with a sunny side up egg for each, some marinated cucumbers ( mirin, rice vinegar, sesame oil, fish sauce and 1 chili) and some simple cucumber for the kids, a salad, sambal, soy sauce and fried dried onions (ready made).

Most of the guest didn’t complain😉.

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