Dear friends, dear family, we start a new year today, a perfect occasion to look back to what happened in 2018. It would be great that ‘wishing the best for everyone’ would help to make the world better.

Anyway, I will continue to be a passionate cook. In Spring of 2019 I will start my new working project as ‘medico-counselor’ in my private practice in our new home. I’m looking forward.

Happy new year


One thought on “2019

  1. Also for you Doc, a healthy and full with lots of energy 2019! Just had a bit of your Christmas chicken. A quick meal after visiting our mother for New Year. Very good comfy meal and ready in a second. Also had the bad news that a former good friend, Luc de Schrijver has got leukemia, not curable I understood….See Elly next week to hear the whole story. Life can suck and life can be good and great. Lets cook and enjoy life as long as we can!


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