Let’s fry 2020 🥳

A few days ago I had this ‘gastronomic dream’ about a typical ‘frietkot’ menu (= unhealthy) which probably only Belgians and Dutch people will understand. 😉 Thus, I tried to find some alternatives in the supermarket…which was a disappointing endeavor. Seafood mix, some napoletana balls, zeppole, with seaweed and something cheesy will have to compensate … More Let’s fry 2020 🥳


Dear friends, dear family, we start a new year today, a perfect occasion to look back to what happened in 2018. It would be great that ‘wishing the best for everyone’ would help to make the world better. Anyway, I will continue to be a passionate cook. In Spring of 2019 I will start my … More 2019