‘Involtini’ seem to be completely different from ‘meatrolls’

Iris doesn’t like any other meat than chicken or turkey, although now and again I’m ‘allowed’ to prepare pork, on one condition : no fat, no hard bits.

The involtini of pork, a traditional Italian recipe, is worth to try, even it will be only once ;-).

For the filling of 2 rolls (one pp) soak 75 grams of older bread (no crust) in 150 ml of milk. Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves, 3 slices of Italian ham. Bake and add 1 hand of chopped rocket salad and the drained bread. Mix carefully until you get a nice paste.

Hit 200-300 grams of thinly sliced pork (2 filets) in between plastic cling film with a meathammer (my godchild Eline 31y old decided to become a butcher when she was 4, only because of the sound the butcher made ;-), by the way she is a singer and musician now ;-)) to make them thinner (approx 5mm) and easy to manipulate. Put salt and pepper at both sides. Spread the filling on fillet and roll firm. Use a little skewer (make them wet in advance) to keep everything together. Put the meatrolls on a greased tray and bake the in the preheated oven at 190-200°. Turn halfway.

15 mins before baking the meat, put 500 grams of cherry tomatoes with a drizzle of oil, pepper, salt and dried thyme on baking paper. At the same time bake 500 grams of potatoe wedges seasoned with pepper, salt and a drizzle of olive oil on a different tray, on baking paper.

Serve the meatrolls, the ovenbaked cherry tomatoes and the ovenbaked potatoes with fresh rocket salad.

PS Iris tried ½ of a meatroll and ate all the potatoes 😉 . Use chicken instead and everybody is satisfied!

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