Crabcoctail with a twist

Canned king crab is expensive but has a lot of taste. There is this traditional Belgian starter with crab, cocktail sauce which still has a lot of succes.

With some onion, some lemon I prepare a fresh variant on that theme.

Chop 1 medium sized fresh onion. Add the juice of ½ lemon. Marinate for at least 30 mins. Add a drained can of king crab, 2 crushed hard boiled (cooled down) eggs, 2 table spoons of fresh parsley and a mixture of light cocktail sauce and mayonnaise until you obtain your own perfect balance. Add pepper, salt, a few drops of tabasco, worchestershire sauce to improve the flavor.

Store in the fridge.

Create an attractive plate with dandalion salad, tomatoes and put the crab salad in the middle. Serve with bread or French fries and you have a perfect menu for a summer lunch or dinner.


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