Easy sweet and sour thanks to ketchup and canned pineapple

Today you really need canned pineapple (without extra sugar!).

Chop and fry 2 red onions and 2 bell peppers in sunflower oil. Bake for approx 10 mins.

Heat the pineapple and the juice (of a small can) in a separate pan. Add 3 table spoons of tomato ketchup and 2 table spoons of rice vinegar. Allow to cook for 15 mins. Mix the sauce. Taste, add pepper and salt.

Add 250 grams of halved cherry tomatoes to the paprika. Here the preparation stops.

Before dinner, put 450 grams of salmon filet on the vegetables. Pour the sauce on top. Cover the pan and put in the oven at 180° for approx 20 mins.

Serve with noodles or rice and chopped basil (thai basil would be ideal). Enough food for 3p.

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