Eating real Tuscan food in wonderful company on one of the most beautiful spots ever.

My post of today is a way to say ‘Grazie mille’ to Giancarla, Lucia and mama Anna for the delicious food.

A house in the campagna of the Crete Senese with a marvelous view and a perfect sunset is were it all happens.

Ribollita ( = recooked) is probably one of the most traditional regional dishes. Is there a real recipe? I don’t think so, but there are for sure a few ingredients which you have to use : cavolo nero, beans and bread. Some fresh onion and local olive oil make the dish complete.

I really hope mama Anna will share her recipe with me, so delicious!

Ribollita can be considered as a full meal, but we had the pleasure to enjoy a wonderful dish of filled turkey with baby artichokes. Although there was not really some space left a ‘torta del nonno’ (with chocolat and hazelnuts) with the perfect crème anglaise ever (thanks Giancarla) and some strawberries made this wonderful evening more than complete.

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