Artichokes in their purest form

Baby artichokes don’t need a lot to be super tasty. 1 kilo of baby artichokes is enough for 2p after cleaning. Remove the outer leaves and cut the stem short. Store the artichokes in cold water with lemon to avoid too much discoloration. Store in the fridge.



Chop and fry 1 big spring onion and 4 garlic cloves. Add the artichokes (cut in quarters, remove the excess of liquid but not too thoroughly). Stir now and again. Add pepper, salt and a lot of fresh parsley and/or basil. Boil the pasta (my pick of the day is a coin-shaped pasta, croxetti) in salted water until al dente. Mix artichokes and pasta together and add some of the cooking liquid. Enjoy this delicious simple pasta recipe with some grated pecorino.

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