Cinque Terre : car-boat-train day and the best anchovies ever ;-)

The weather is lovely, perfect for our planned tour. There are many ways to discover Cinque Terre. Although the real season has not yet started, there are already a lot of tourists. The best way to see the villages is by boat. The train is rather new and tries to avoid the masses of cars, because parking facilities are  scarce. We combine it all (thanks to my practical wife) and see the villages in the most perfect light of the late afternoon sun. We arrive back in our appartment without shopping and thanks to my practical skills( yes, me too ;-)) of emptying the fridge we have enough food for another meal.

Boil 150 grams of  green lentils in salted water. In another pan fry 4 garlic cloves  and 1 table spoon of curry powder. Add 120 grams of farro and twice the amount of chicken broth and some fresh rosemary. Allow to simmer until the farro is al dente. Add the lentils. Bake two sliced pears in some melted butter. Serve 400 grams of radicchio with the mixed lentils/farro, the pears and a lucious burrata. A drizzle of lemon juice makes it extra tasty.

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