International guests, international buffet

A whole day of cooking for a big dinner to say ‘goodbye and thankyou’ to Maria Silvia, a collegue of Iris’ team.

First I will tell you the whole menu. In the following blogposts I will explain certain recipes while (yes, New York) I’m taking a little break and you  will not notice ;-).

-While the guests arrive a beetrootpuree (blogpost Invite your neighbour) and a cannellini puree is waiting for them. Tarelli are ideal to dip those purees, but vegetables, little toasts,… can be chosen too.

-12-14 people is perfect for our dinner table, and a buffet formula is the easiest. The starter buffet is a colorful plate of2018-03-28_12.32.10[1] 1. the fennel saffron salad with squacqerone cfr blogpost Where is this Spring? , 2. the bloodorange, pistacchio and burrato cfr blogpost Tarocco is the most popular table orange in Italy and is a ‘half- blood’ orange and 3. placinta, which is a traditional Moldavian dish(one of the guests is Moldavian), adapted to a lighter version.

2018-03-28_12.33.22[1]the main coarse buffet is another fusion of 1. Malai kofta, to please our Indian guest, 2. Lasagna parmigiano cfr blogpost No carbs tonight, lasagna parmigiana but first : tribute to Antonio Carluccio, for the obvious reason and 3.  Belgian North Sea shrimps in a rather typical dish from my childhood to please ourselfs and hopefully also other guests.

-to finish, a crumble with red fruit and the lemon dessert cfr blogpost Do you notice, I try hard to find some fresh tasting, easy desserts. What do you think of lemon mousse?

A lot of food, but freshly made and easy to carry home in a ‘doggy bag’ for those who want;-).

A buffet can be composed based on 1 cooking style, or, like this one, different cooking styles, but all vegetarian. A lot of work is done in advance. The oven does the job during the dinner and everybody fills his own plate. The best way to enjoy and to rest before the cleaning up session.

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