Moscardini, vongole, linguini and saffron white wine sauce

As a regular client at the fish stall in the local supermarket the guy was interested in the way I would prepare the moscardini, which is a kind of squid. The idea of a risotto was ok-ish to him, but linguini would be better and thus I changed my mind ;-).

Put a pinch of saffron in 0.25l of hot water. Add ½ cube of chicken stock. Chop 6 garlic cloves, 2 spring onions and 1 green spicy little pepper. Fry in some olive oil. Add the moscardini (700 grams for 5p). Remove the moscardini. Add the vongole and mussels (300 grams in total) and the white wine until the vongole and mussels are open. Remove the vongole. Add the fennel in the same pan, the saffron mixture and the zeste of 1 lemon. Cook until fennel is al dente. Mix everything. Add some pepper and salt. Boil the linguini. Serve all together with some fresh parsley.

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