And still, I’m not starting my own kitchen garden

I love to have super fresh vegetables, covered with ground and small animals, as protagonists in the daily meal. I love to work in the garden on sunny days as today. I’m rather convinced I will not consider a real kitchen garden. The full basket with fresh seasonal vegetables as swiss chard, Jerusalem artichokes, cabbages … More And still, I’m not starting my own kitchen garden

Turnip tops

Turnip tops, anchovies and orecchiette are a traditional combination. Broccoli is a perfect alternative for turnip tops. I have never seen turnip tops in Belgium. They contain loads of vitamins and minerals. People who take warfarin or a similar anticoagulant have to be really careful. The combination can destabilize the anticoagulant treatment. Clean 500-600 grams … More Turnip tops

I love Jamie Oliver

I’ m a big fan of Jamie Oliver as you know. While I run on the treadmill I often watch a cooking program on YouTube. Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey are my favorites. ‘Tiella di riso al forno’ is a wonderful dish to prepare in advance for 6 persons. Clean a mixture of mussels and … More I love Jamie Oliver