A special dessert

I saw this recipe of a cheesecake marbled with chocolate in the cooking magazine of the Coop supermarket. I didn’t reduce the amounts of sugar, nor butter this time, I only substituted the fresh cheese with fresh cheese, low fat Greek yogurt and ricotta and added a drizzle of lemon juice and lemon zeste for … More A special dessert

A little sweetie

Organising dinners is one of my favorite activities, especially now in this episode of my life (spoiled with ‘time’, remember?). The hardest part of a menu remains the dessert. It’s not easy to find an elegant closure. Filo pastry is a wonderful ingredient. Why not use it more often? Wrap a few raspberries with some … More A little sweetie

DocV bakes birthday cakes for the 50th birthday of ‘the boss’

Number 1 : BANANA CAKE for 14 pieces Bananas with a brown skin are not attractive anymore, but they are perfect to use in a banana cake. I always ‘save’ them on time, peel them and put them in a plastic bag in the freezer. They are also perfect for a smoothie, for banana ice … More DocV bakes birthday cakes for the 50th birthday of ‘the boss’