Almost lockdown…

Italy has new restrictions. We can’t leave our village unless we have a really good reason. This morning I still could go to the market. Tomorrow…probably more restrictions. I hope that all those lovely cultivated vegetables and fruit will find a nice stomach.

Tonight we’ll have some pasta with baby artichokes, mussels and scampi. Clean the baby artichokes by removing the stem, the outer leaves and the ends. Chop and put the in water with the juice of 1 lemon. Chop 4 garlic cloves and 1 chili. Heat a pan with some olive oil. Add the garlic, chili and drained artichokes. Bake. Add 100 ml of white wine and 1 table spoon of dried basil. Allow to simmer.

Boil 120 grams of pasta al dente. Drain.

Once the artichokes are al dente, add 300 grams of naked scampi. Bake. Add 300 grams of boiled mussels, the drained pasta, pepper and salt. Season with good olive oil and fresh basil.

Stay safe, be careful and never forget that quality of contact is much more important than quantity. ❣

2 thoughts on “Almost lockdown…

  1. Looks really delicious! Our governor in Vermont has put travel restrictions back in place and we are returning to going out only for necessities. Dismal, that we were doing so well, but our state gets a lot of tourists in who don’t follow the quarantine requirements.


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