Fried artichokes made by la mamma Anna

Last month was the coldest and wettest month of May Italy has seen in 30 years. Thanks to this strange weather the artichokes season lasts longer. Mamma Anna, mother of our friend Lucia, is a passionate cook and prepared us her fried artichokes.

Clean baby artichokes, cut in quarters and put in water with lemon. Drain and dry. Batter some eggs with pepper and salt. If you prefer a lighter version, add some water. Put the artichokes first in the flour 00. Then in the egg mixture. Heat sunflower oil until really hot. Fry the artichokes. Keep them warm in the oven.

To make the meal complete, serve with fried chicken cubes. Marinate the chicken in lemon for at least an hour. Drain, dry and prepare in the same way as the artichokes.

Happy guests, super happy mamma AnnašŸ˜

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