Back to Belgium to celebrate the 85th anniversary of my mother

Off we go again for 10 days. We travel by car. Our temporarily home will be in Brussels, our favorite place to stay. Iris will work, while I will have a busy schedule visiting friends, family and exclusive time for my dear mother who turn 85 on May 23th.

I always struggle to find the ideal formula to keep in contact with family and friends, but I can’t see them all in one week.

Anyway, I don’t know whether there will be occasions for home cooking, apart from breakfast. I promise to post at least the best looking and best tasting lunch and dinner of the week. I also hope to find physical compensation for all those extra kcal😉.

PS a nostalgic picture of 1998😎( in the middle my mother, at the right my dearest aunt Mieke, at the left docV )

7 thoughts on “Back to Belgium to celebrate the 85th anniversary of my mother

  1. Mooie foto! 3 Kanjers by the looks…
    Fijne tijd ‘thuis’ en gelukkige verjaardag voor de mama! P&R


    1. Thanks for the compliment. Years go by quickly. I would love to see you and Paul while visiting Belgium but time is short. I plan to visit the new practice Wednesday around 4 pm. A friend will be my taxi driver and Iris will collect me at about 5 pm. A little hug would be great but ? My phone number 00393342315089. Who knows?😚


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