My most successful banana cake until now

A few bananas are desperately waiting to be eaten. Although blackbrown outside, they are still perfect. What to do with 500 grams of ripe bananas?

Put the bananas in a large bowl. Spread 2 table spoons of lemon juice to preserve the color. I decide to add ingredients until I get the right flavor and the right consistency. Add 2 eggs and 1 egg white ( which I still had from another recipe). Mix thoroughly. Add 250 grams of self raising flour. Mix carefully ( no clots allowed!). Add 50 grams of grated coconut, 50 grams of cane sugar and 50 grams of olive oil ( the kitchen scale is needed to remember the recipe😉). Mix thoroughly.

The consistency is perfect, the flavor is still not sweet enough ( although I prefer not too sweet). I add a few stevia drops until I’m satisfied.

Put the dough in the oven at 180°. Bake for 40 mins-50 mins.

Yes!! 👍

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