Truffle hunting


In San Giovanni d’ Asso they celebrate the white truffle and the new olive oil harvest  Truffle hunting is an activity which we really want to join.

What did we learn? Any dog can be trained, but they have to start really young, and they litteraly are fed with truffle from the beginning. The white truffle season starts in oktober and only lasts 2 months. The local flora is really important. In two months a truffle can become a tiny one or a huge one of 1-2 kilo.

Only authorized people are allowed and they take max 2 dogs at the same time. They carefully close the hole where they found the truffle  to allow the remaining spores to become a new truffle (and to prevent other truffle hunters to find their hidden treasure).

Buy a truffle on the local market (between 75-130 euro per 100 grams, depends on the size). Don’t put the truffle in your handbag, only if you love the smell that much.

Store the truffle in a glass container with rice in the fridge for max 1 week). The rice will take the flavor of the truffle, so double pleasure!

A simple fresh pasta with butter and fresh truffle is probably the best recipe to enjoy the maximum of flavor.

Lovely Italy, lovely autumn.

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