I will never stop wondering about what soccer can do to people

No offence intended, of course, I even try to participate by cooking a traditional Belgian dinner during an important game ;-). Italian mussles are not the same as Belgian or Dutch mussles, and often they are sold together with vongole.

Clean the shells. Slice 4 large fresh onions and 4 garlic cloves. Bake the onions and garlic in some butter. Add the mussles, some bay leaves and a drizzle of white wine. Cover the pan. Shake the pan now and again. The mussles are ready when the shells are all open.

For the sauce, mix some mustard, some cooking fluid and some mayonnaise. Add a bit of lemon juice and pepper. 2018-07-06_21.06.18[2]Serve the mussles with bread or French fries and the sauce. So far my contribute during the world Championship!

One thought on “I will never stop wondering about what soccer can do to people

  1. Love this meal! French fries and mussels. Jamie!!! Tonight have your godfather, N. Louis and Greta to stay. Didn’t cook for them, they went by bike to De Watermolen. Good cook and hope they’ve eaten well. Tomorrow breakfast a la maison Jan. Hope they like it. Sleep well and have lovely dreams, a drizzle here and there, mussels, fries, red devil,sssszzzz….xxx.


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