Moldavian Placinta

Thanks to internet the Moldavian cuisine is no hidden secret. The first recipe which I found was ‘placinta’, although I immediately realized that there are a lot of versions.

To make my life a bit easy, I decided to go for a ready made pastry of phyllo dough combined with cottage cheese for a lighter version. Mix 800 grams of cottage cheese with 50 grams of chopped dill and 50 grams of chopped parsley. Add  2 eggs,1 chopped garlic cloves (I couldn’t resist;-)), pepper and salt. Put a few oiled sheets of phyllo dough on baking paper. Spread the mixture of cottage cheese. Finish with a few oiled sheets. Make a large envelop. Count approx 20 mins in the oven at 180°. Approved by Cristina.

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