Fish and Chips

Not the most ‘healthy’ way to prepare fish and potatoes, but I promise to compensate by doing some extra exercise ;-).

Batter 100 grams of flour, 120 ml of beer (can be analcoholic), 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, pepper and salt until you obtain a rather firm mixture (the amount is far too much, but the fish has to be well covered) . Scoop pieces of cod (for 2p 300 grams) in the mixture and store in the fridge. Heat sunflower oil in a deep pan. The oil must be really hot. Remove the covered fish out of the mixture. Put one by one in the hot oil and bake them crispy (this will be quick). Be careful that the pieces don’t touch each other to avoid that they will stick together. The real Brits eat fish and chips with vinegar! We prefer some lemon and a home made tartare sauce (mayonaise, pickles, lemon and mustard). Serve with French fries and a chicory-radicchio salad.

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