Winter=soup, before, during and after ;-)

Yes, this weekend starts the master course in Florence. Planning the menu (although I know Iris can cook too) for the weekend starts on Friday. Broccoli soup with grilled chicken is surely a perfect appetizer, and a lunch for Iris for t he following day.

Chop and fry in a drizzle of olive oil 1 white onion, 3 garlic cloves, 1 potatoe, 1 leek. Stir and add 600 grams of broccoli after 5 mins (keep a few pieces as decoration)and 1liter of chicken stock (a cube is allowed). Cover and cook until broccoli and potato are tender. Blend the soup, add pepper and salt.

PS Yesterday I cut a whole chicken in four beautiful pieces (2 chicken legs and 2 breasts) for a later occasion. The leftover of the chicken I baked in the oven (while baking the cauliflower recipe). I could remove almost 200 grams of meat in smaller parts).

Heat the soup. Add the broccoli decoration and the chicken. Serve with (as lunch or full meal) or without (as starter or light lunch) toasted bread with a mixture of ricotta and gorgonzola.

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