Something sweet to finish a lovely dinner

Panna Cotta is a lucious dessert. With a good list of ingredients it’s not difficult to prepare, but the tricky thing is to find the ideal way to get the right shape on your plates.

For 14 little portions you need 500 ml of full milk, 500 ml of full cream, 150 grams of light brown sugar, 2 vanilla sticks, 5 sheets of gelatine.

Mix sugar, cream and milk in a pan. Open the vanilla sticks and add the marrow with the open sticks. Put on a very low fire (or use a flame distributor) for 20 mins. Stir regularly.

In the meanwhile put the gelatine sheets in cold water.

Mix the squeezed gelatine sheets with the milk until the gelatine has completely dissolved. Cool down to room temperature. Pour through a sieve and fill the recipients (a big one or different smaller ones). Store in the fridge for a few hours.

Good luck with demoulding (a little bit of hot water can help, but max 20 secs). Serve with a couli of forest fruit or a warm chocolat sauce (100ml milk, 100 grams of pure chocolat).

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