Enjoying a city trip, and feeling at home cooking in another kitchen

We spent some lovely days in Milan : an opera in one of the most famous opera buildings in the world, a beautiful experience in Mudec about Gustave Klimt, strolling in the very pleasant neighbourhood of the Canals, eating in a wonderful Japanese restaurant, and cooking in our appartment. Hotels can be fun, but when you stay in an appartment, shop in the local groceries you really feel part of the local life. Some people would hate to cook while being on holiday, but I love it. Of course the menu will be not too elaborated, and it’s important to inspect the kitchen and the kitchen tools before deciding what to prepare. A pasta dish with a frozen fish mixture, a creamy curry (I admit, I’m obsessed, I always have some spices in our luggage;-)) sauce and a mixture of asparagus and paksoi is easy, delicious and tasty.

Defrost the fish (in this case 200 grams of vongole, 200 grams of mixed squid and mussels). Chop 4 garlic cloves. Fry in a drizzle of olive oil. Add 1 table spoon of curry powder. Stir constantly and add 500 grams of chopped green asparagus and 300 grams of paksoi. Mix with 125 ml of light cream, pepper and salt. At the end, add the fish and a handful of fresh basil. A perfect sauce to serve with black (due to squid ink) tagliatelle.

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