Let’s take a little break


Today I take the plane to visit my family and in particular my two daughters. We rent a small appartment in the centre of Antwerp for a few days to do what?? What on earth can three women do in the middle of one of the greatest shopping cities of the world?

Therefore I presume we will probably not spend much of our time in a kitchen, although they inherited my passion for cooking and sharing (proud mom!).

It is probably about time to share a secret.

If you love to eat, you wake up in the morning and start thinking ‘what will we eat today?’ and you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and reading about food….it seems sensible to keep fit too.

Eating healthy is important and if you are getting yourself organized, it is not such a big deal. All those new initiatives where you can order ( recipes included) prepared boxes of fresh ingredients are a great alternative to cook balanced meals in many different ways.

Daily excercise is of course also part of a healthy lifestyle. How to organize yourself  if you are not really into sports?? Honestly I’m a perfect example of someone who is not really into sports, who prefers reading and other sedentary, although interesting,  leisure activities. How to have more guarantee to live a long and healthy life? Move at least 30 mins a day. Don’t choose something fancy, or some life-threatening, almost killing endurance sports :-).  Try at least to do a brisk daily walk. Count your steps and you will realize how little exercise an average person will do. With a rowing machine and a treadmill at home bad weather is never an excuse. The hardest is to find a routine to avoid skipping turns. Try to prevent injuries and respect your body. Invest in a heart rate monitor and buy good shoes if you start to run. Start slowly and build up gradually. You will feel better and some people even become addicted. It didn’t happen to me yet, but probably I am addicted to the feeling of feeling better (younger?) and… what the most important is  to me is that it’s easier to keep my weight under control.

I hope you do not expect me to prove that I am really doing what I preach by a picture. My excercise of the last few days will be based on counting steps in Antwerp, and believe me, even when  I’m shopping with those only in their twenties then I am often the least exhausted ;-).

We’ll meet again the 9th of March!




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