Workshop octopus

Octopus is not a very common ingredient to prepare in the Belgian cuisine. Fresh or frozen octopus needs to be tender, if not, it’s not tasty. For 3p buy, approx a piece of 1 kilo. Put the clean, whole octopus in a large pan filled with water, 200 ml of white wine, a few bay … More Workshop octopus

Arrival in our lovely appartment to explore Cinque Terre

While our visitors are on their way back to Belgium, I make everything ready for our trip to Cinque Terre. How lucky are we to live in the central part of this lovely country. After 2h and 40 mins drive we arrive in our lovely appartment outside Pignone. The kitchen is small but so complete. … More Arrival in our lovely appartment to explore Cinque Terre

Fresh artichokes on a parmigiano cookie

The first time I made this recipe (Really in love with Italian sausages 😉 I struggled making little baskets of parmigiano. Certain people prefer sophisticated recipes, I prefer the simple versions. Prepare the baby artichokes as mentioned in the blogpost. Spread 60 grams of grated parmigiano on baking paper in circles of approx 10-12 cm. … More Fresh artichokes on a parmigiano cookie

Movie and a dinner

Put 100 grams of rucola, 2 garlic cloves, 1 spicy little pepper in a small blender. Add some olive oil to obtain a smooth, bright green pasta. Taste, add pepper and salt. Spread the rucola pesto on a rectangular puff pastry. Finish with 250 grams of halved cherry tomatoes and some dried oregano. Put in … More Movie and a dinner

Healthy pizza variant

In the cold department of the supermarket you will find a lot of different wrap-like types of prepared dough (piadine). I was curious to find out how a ‘kamut-piadina’ would taste and decided to use this as an altnernative for a pizza bottom. Kamut is a kind of wheat, but per definition organically grown. To … More Healthy pizza variant

Pure italian food

Desperate for simplicity on our plate, a fabulous simple pasta with mediterranean vegetables will be the delicacy before we start the freshley stocked fridge. Clean and cut 500 grams of sweet peppers. Put them in an oven dish with some chopped garlic and 1 table spoon of dry basil. Add a drizzle of olive oil … More Pure italian food