Quinoa is not really my favorite ingredient, but now and again 😉. Boil 100 grams of quinoa following the instructions. Cut 2 eggplants in halves. Make a few incisions in the meat. Brush some oil on each side. Put them with the skin upwards on baking paper. Bake in the oven at 200° for 30 … More Quinoa?

Eggplant cookies

It was a lovely day. This morning I was introduced in the local ‘Bar Centrale’ by Anria, a lovely lady who invited me before at the pilates class in the village. Italians go to a bar not only to have some drinks or food but also to meet the other local people and to get … More Eggplant cookies

Now and again a pizza with a lot of cheese ;-)

A ready made pizza dough and puff pastry are very handy stock ingredients, even stored in the freezer. In Tuscany truffle stores are common. Good quality has its price, but if you skip meat or fish the total amount of your meal is still reasonable. Spread a small container of truffle/porcini paste on a rectangular … More Now and again a pizza with a lot of cheese 😉