Chili sin carne

Since autumn is in the air, although I really hope this is not the real start, certain food will warm us up. Lentils (1 can of 400 gram or 200 grams of dried lentils) are a perfect alternative for meat. For 2p, fry 1 chopped onion, 4 garlic cloves, 1 chili pepper, and 1  bell … More Chili sin carne

Three course menu : fish, veg and cool dessert

Try to remember ingredients people dislike if you invite them regularly to avoid unpleasant meals. Sometimes this list will be extensive which can be tricky. Don’t worry, Elodie, you are not ‘tricky’. For 3p, start with two appetizers served in little glases. -appetizer 1 : a layer of 100 grams of feta cheese cut in … More Three course menu : fish, veg and cool dessert

Gaucamole in pasta!

I’m a collector of recipes, cooking magazines and cooking books since I became 25 (before that period I was already cooking, but didn’t have the money;-)) . It’s amazing how the eating/cooking style has changed since then. ‘Avocado filled with Northsea shrimps’ was really adventerous 30 years ago. Today, avocado is known by everybody (although … More Gaucamole in pasta!