Cheese lover

My calcium intake is sufficient. I’m a real cheese addict, although I try to consider the intake of daily kcal. The last edition of has a few fabulous recipes with cheese as protagonist. Chop 2 large leeks in pieces of 1-2 cm. Put in a buttered oven dish. Add pepper, salt, 1 table spoon … More Cheese lover

Step by step

I love all in one dishes even if the ingredients have a different cooking time. The reasons are plenty: less cleaning and dish washing after dinner, little possibility of burned food (if you avoid the grill function), more attractive way to serve your food, less after- smell, and probably a few more advantages. Today’s vegetables … More Step by step

Yes, a new delicious magazine in our brand new mail box ;-)

Of course I still can cook even without inspiring recipes, but to prepare something different daily, a monthly magazine is a great source. 1 kilo of fresh mussels and a small piece of tailfish are the healthy proteins for tonight. The recipe can be prepared without carbohydrates, but in this colder season they can give … More Yes, a new delicious magazine in our brand new mail box 😉

Fried fish

After two years of being here in Italy and not having an official job yet I understand that cooking is so much more relaxing if you can do it ‘slowly’ and for certain recipes it is so important to take your time. Remove the skin of 400 grams of salmon filet. Cut the fish in … More Fried fish