Puff pastry

Cover a rectangular puff pastry ( on baking paper) with 150 grams of light Philadelphia cheese. Spread some pepper and 1 table spoon of dried basil. Clean 500 grams of green asparagus and 500 grams of puntarelle ( looks like asparagus points) or some green beans. Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves in a drizzle … More Puff pastry

Movie and a dinner

Put 100 grams of rucola, 2 garlic cloves, 1 spicy little pepper in a small blender. Add some olive oil to obtain a smooth, bright green pasta. Taste, add pepper and salt. Spread the rucola pesto on a rectangular puff pastry. Finish with 250 grams of halved cherry tomatoes and some dried oregano. Put in … More Movie and a dinner