Step by step

I love all in one dishes even if the ingredients have a different cooking time. The reasons are plenty: less cleaning and dish washing after dinner, little possibility of burned food (if you avoid the grill function), more attractive way to serve your food, less after- smell, and probably a few more advantages. Today’s vegetables … More Step by step

Turkish style

My favorite magazine arrives monthly, always one month later than expected. I managed to accept the delay, not understanding the reason why šŸ˜‰. Dorianne has arrived with squid as ingredient on her wishlist. Buy 800 grams of real fresh squid. Ask for for a good cleaning preparation ( less smell in your garbagešŸ˜‰ ). I … More Turkish style

Ingrid and Guido, friends since 30 years, are easy guests

It could be interpreted as ‘over organisation ‘, but if we have friends staying for a few days I have my menu and shopping list ready for the whole time. Our two fridges can store fresh food for 4p for approx 4-5 days. On Thursday we can visit the local market for some extra fruit … More Ingrid and Guido, friends since 30 years, are easy guests

Pickled radishes

I try hard to reduce plastic containers and other plastic material. Sadly enough radishes are not available without. Almost every vegetable here in Italy is sold per kilogram, as radishes. If you would present them without package a lot of people would leave the green part and only take the radishes. In the near future … More Pickled radishes