My love for eggs

I order fresh eggs from Stefania. I love a soft boiled egg in the morning. Recipes with eggs will always get my attention: delicious, cheap and attractive. Tonight’s dinner is based on an ingredient which I discovered in Italy : agretti or barba di frate ( friar beard). If they are super fresh they are … More My love for eggs

A lasagna docV style

I have a lot of green vegetables in the fridge. Fresh spinach, winter purslane or agretti and courgettes and I’m in the mood for comfort food. Clean 300 grams of agretti ( take some other greens if you can’t find them). Boil them for 3-5min in salted water. Drain. Wash and clean 500 grams of … More A lasagna docV style

Spring is in the air and in the vegetable department

I recognize  ‘puntarelle and agretti’, not exactly by their name, but by  their looks ;-). Puntarella is wild chicory and agretti alias barba dei frati … looks like grass and is sold in bunches only during the spring season Put both (250 grams of puntarelle and 250 grams of agretti for 2p) at the same … More Spring is in the air and in the vegetable department