Nice present

Although I had to promise not to buy new plates anymore, Iris herself bought me ‘a few’ elegant bowls in different sizes. 💃😉 A perfect reason for this elegant colorful dish. For 2p, clean and slice a bunch of radishes and 1 small onion. Heat 1/2 of a table spoon of honey in 75 ml … More Nice present

Korean food

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish often served in a real hot stone recipient. Meat is optional, egg is optional, rice and vegetables are the main ingredients. The first step is the sweet and sour mixture to marinate the vegetables. Mix 250 ml of rice vinegar with 125ml of water, ½ table spoon of sugar … More Korean food

Sushi in a bowl

‘In a bowl’ is another new way of serving food, it looks good and is so much easier. Above all, the colors of the ingredients are much more visible. Now and again, I love sushi, but the amount of rice/vegetable balance for me is not ideal. Serving the ingredients in a bowl is a great … More Sushi in a bowl