Juicy polpo

1 kilo of polpo seems a lot for 2p, but once cooked, the weight decreases incredibly. Cook the polpo in salted water with some bay leaves until tender (approximately 1h). Drain, chop in parts and store in the fridge. Chop 1 fennel, 3 courgettes, 4 garlic cloves, 1 red onion, 400 grams of cherry tomatoes … More Juicy polpo

Fresh moscardini

Musky octopus or moscardini in Italian are often cheaper than the traditional calamari and really tasty. They are not difficult to clean, but it’s a smelly mess in your rubbish bin, so I prefer to buy them ‘cleaned’ and prepare the same day. Marinate the octopus with lemon zeste, garlic, olive oil, pepper and salt. … More Fresh moscardini