Stevia in pastries

Cooking with stevia is really worthwhile. The texture can become a little different but the flavor is perfect. A recipe for a cake based on couscous is waiting for a tryout. At the end the cake has become completely different than the original recipe. As ingredients you need : 2 eggs, 300 grams of low … More Stevia in pastries

Gnocchi ‘au bain-marie’ in a silicone form, why not?

Iris adores gnocchi, but since my first disastrous experiment, I’m in a constant search of trying to find other ways to be guaranteed not to serve a puree instead (although I managed already). Especially if you notice the paste is a bit to liquid, instead of adding loads of flour, it’s always better to have … More Gnocchi ‘au bain-marie’ in a silicone form, why not?

Cake experiment

They always say that in pastry you have to be precise, but Why? I still don’t know. Anyway, the following recipe will tell you exactly what I used to prepare a certain cake which is, per definition, a way not to follow a particular recipe. Take a large bowl with 250 grams of whole grain. … More Cake experiment