Awesome imported food

As you know, I’m from Belgium. So if we travel by car we ‘import’ some ingredients. The North Sea shrimps are so delicate, so delicious, so much more flavor than the scampi, especially in their purest version. Avocado is also one of those ingredients which are bad for your ecological footprint, but they can be … More Awesome imported food

North Sea shrimps in a ‘decomposed croquette version’ ;-)

Prepare a white bechamel sauce with 250 ml of semi skimmed milk and 250 ml of home made fish stock. Season with a ½ of a cube of fish broth, nutmeg, pepper and salt. Add 300 grams of North Sea shrimps and a bit of lemon juice. Boil 4 chopped medium sized potatoes in salted … More North Sea shrimps in a ‘decomposed croquette version’ 😉