Romanesco broccoli

The beautiful green romanesco broccolo finds its origin in the 16th century as ‘broccoli from Rome’. It’s such a beautiful creature with its particular flavor, in between broccoli and cauliflower. Today’s side dish is an incredible amount of vegetables with this beautiful green as protagonist. There are no rules to prepare this kind of side … More Romanesco broccoli

Roasted evening meal

Sprouts, green/white/red cabbage, romanesco, cauliflower, celeriac, chicory, pumpkin….don’t tell me that winter cooking is boring, even if you stick to the seasonal offer. Tomorrow shopping day, and sprouts and pumpkin is everything what there is left. Clean 500 grams of sprouts and cut them in halves. Chop 400 grams of a butternut pumpkin (use ½ … More Roasted evening meal

Celeriac in the oven

Roasted vegetables are fashionable and this is not undeserved , they are delicious. The oven time to roast a whole celeriac in the oven is approximately 3h, so economically not so great. My easy solution? Wash the celeriac thoroughly and remove the roots. Halve in two equal parts. Spread some olive oil on top, some … More Celeriac in the oven