New cookbooks 🙂

I could have waited until Christmas, but I decided not to 😉. Two lovely cookbooks will inspire me for the following weeks, and probably for much longer. Jamie Oliver and Ottolenghi know how to reinvent themselves and how to stimulate creativity in our daily menu. Let’s open ‘Ottolenghi test kitchen’ first. Leen, one of our … More New cookbooks 🙂

Invite your neighbours

Living abroad for 1 year and getting more familiar with the language, it’s the right time to invite a few neighbours for a dinner. It’s not easy to decide what to cook for people who you do not really know well, but Ottolenghi’s cookbooks never disappoint to create a colorful buffet. The advantage of a … More Invite your neighbours

Mezze night

Tonight I prepare smaller portions of different dishes,  mezze. -Tzaziki and a Greek salad: recipes are already on the blog (post of 1st of April). -Patates tiganites = fries Peel the amount of potatoes you need, 400-500 grams for 2p. Cut in wedges and soak in cold salted water, to reduce the starch, for 30-60 … More Mezze night

Weekend : mezze buffet, inspired by Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty more’

The preperation of a buffet is often a lot of work in advance, but so lovely to serve several little dishes, even for 2-4p. Kuku, garden bean spread, baba banoush of courgettes (instead of eggplant), rocket salad with red onions will be more than enough. Leftovers are perfect the following day. Preheat the oven at … More Weekend : mezze buffet, inspired by Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty more’

Mezze for 2

Antipasti in Italy, tapas in Spain, mezze in Greece, North Africa and the Middle East are all appetizers which you can easily eat as main dish. You just have to prepare a few small portions to create a little buffet. I love to have a lot of different things on my plate with different colors, … More Mezze for 2