Easy curry

Red and green curry paste are permanent ingredients in my storage. I buy those larger pots and store them in the freezer. Exotic cooking has never been easier. Wash and chop 1 celeriac of approximately 600 grams in cubes ( no need to remove the skin). Spread the cubes on baking paper. Sprinkle 1 table … More Easy curry


I’m not really a fan of puree. In my years of working in a hospital the classical side dish was often puree, every day a different color. It’s possible that in the future this way of preparing food will have to become my favorite, but as long as I have teeth I prefer to use … More Puree?

Teenagers in the house for a few days, different creativity ;-)!

Romanesco cauliflower and celeriac filled with puree and gratinated in the oven? Remove the inner part of the cauliflower and celeriac. Put the remaining cups on baking paper or in an oiled dish. Brush some olive oil mixed with chopped fresh rosemary on the in-and outside. Bake in the oven at 180° for 30-40 mins … More Teenagers in the house for a few days, different creativity ;-)!

Celeriac in the oven

Roasted vegetables are fashionable and this is not undeserved , they are delicious. The oven time to roast a whole celeriac in the oven is approximately 3h, so economically not so great. My easy solution? Wash the celeriac thoroughly and remove the roots. Halve in two equal parts. Spread some olive oil on top, some … More Celeriac in the oven