No focus on the looks today 🤣

I’m sorry, Donna Hay, for ruining the looks of your beautiful ‘zucchini-cheese’ ravioli’, but I can explain.I spent the whole morning at my computer and phone to fix, or trying to fix, some bureaucratic stuff. In the afternoon I planned a few hours of online medical training in order to earn credit points. I can testify that this is no formality, I really had to concentrate to obtain them. After a walk with the dog and my regular treadmill exercise, it’s already fairly late. The poor zucchini ravioli are not responsible but I’m not in the mood to invest some patience in tonight’s cooking. The recipe is decided, although it probably would have been a better idea to use the ingredients in a different way 😉.Chop 500 grams of cherry tomatoes. Spread them in an oven dish. Add 4 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped chili, a few fresh thyme stems, 2 table spoons of olive oil, 2 table spoons of red wine vinegar, pepper and salt.Slice 3 courgettes with a large potato peeler in long stripes ( I had some shorter and thicker pieces too). Mix 300 grams of fresh ricotta with 25 grams of grated parmesan, 2 table spoons of chopped fresh basil, pepper and salt.To create ravioli-packages, put a few stripes overlapping in the centre ( like a star). Put 1 table spoon of the cheese mixture in the middle. Close and turn. Squeeze all the short parts in between the longer stripes ( no waste is sometimes not a benefit). Turn the packages.I decide to put the ravioli in between the tomatoes ( without baking the tomatoes first). So it all looks rather messy. Spread a little drizzle of olive oil, pepper and salt on the ravioli.Cover the dish with aluminium foil. Bake in the oven at 200° for 20 minutes. Take a shower. Remove the aluminium foil. Bake for another 20-30 minutes. Serve and enjoy the flavor.

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