Seafood and pasta❤

I was completely prepared to spoil my dear niece Emilie with vegan food, but I have to admit that it was rather a relief to find out that she wanted to enjoy all the local ingredients except for meat.

My favorite huge supermarket is on the top list of ‘what to do if you visit Tuscany’and luckely our guests share ( or pretend to 😉)my strange passion.

Fresh vongole and mussels, pasta, spicy tomato sauce and fresh parsley can be combined in many different ways.

1.8 kilo of mainly vongole and less mussels is a perfect portion for 3p.

Clean the seafood. Put a drizzle of olive oil in a large pan. Add the shells ( keep a few shells apart to finish the dish), 150 ml of white wine. Close the pan. Stir now and again. Once the shells are open, drain and keep the liquid.

Chop and fry 2 fresh onions, 4 garlic cloves and 1 or 2 chili peppers. Add 1 kilo of cherry tomatoes. Stir. Add the liquid, some salt and the chopped stems of a bunch of fresh parsley. Allow the sauce to simmer until you obtain half of the liquid has reduced. In the meanwhile remove the seafood from the shells. Once the sauce has the right consistency, taste and add pepper /salt. Add the closed shells.

Boil some linguini al dente. Mix pasta, sauce, seafood. Finish with a lot of fresh parsley. Heavenly combination !

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